The Owner

Christian Baha was born in Vienna, sharing his birthplace with one of the 20th century’s
most celebrated artists, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He developed a passion for Hundertwasser’s art and the artist’s beliefs about the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

In 2013 his admiration of Hundertwasser continued when he decided to buy the Kunsthaus in Vienna which was designed by Hundertwasser and hosts the world’s
largest Hundertwasser Museum.

Today he is the owner of the world’s largest private collection of Hundertwasser
works, including “The Garden of the Happy Dead”.

With the purchase of a property in New Zealand and the establishment of
a fully organic vineyard in Matakana with the famous Austrian grape
variety Gruner Veltliner he continued to intensify this special connection
with Hundertwasser and his life principles.


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